Marsha Lost 48Lbs In The S055 2 Months Challenge



Yesterday I told you how over 40% of the women who went through the 2 months SlimOver55 challenge have reached their ideal weight, having lost over 25lbs during the challenge. 


Marsha is another Slim Over 55 Program's success!


She lost 48 pounds in 2 months!

Read her story below!



“Hi, I’m Marsha and I’m a 56 years young sales consultant. 


And I am getting slimmer and more toned every single day because of the “Slim Over 55″ program!


Because I was always tired, 8 months ago I decided to see my doctor as I thought I had problems with my thyroid…


Sadly, I found out that my thyroid was ok, but my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were dangerously high…


And my doctor told me that I may develop the same heart disease as my mother…


And that unless something changed, I may have to start taking blood pressure pills for the rest of my life …


It was no longer just about my low self-esteem and lack of energy, it was about my life!


I have tried to lose weight many times in the past, but this time, I really had to make this work!


So for 6 months, I tried at least 10 diets and weight loss programs without any results …


But when Aline invited me to be a part of the SlimOver55 Challenge, I knew my life would change!


And I lost 48 pounds during the 2 months of the challenge!


Their morning metabolism boosting tea tripled my energy and gave me a really fast metabolism!


Also, their mindset program was a big part of my success because it helped me see things way differently than before!


The Slim Over 55 workouts were not too difficult for a beginner like me, and I was able to do them almost daily.


I also loved the meal plan because it was very easy to follow and it is based on foods everyone has at home.


I never got bloated or hungry, plus I had so much more energy!


In the first 2 months on the program I have lost 48 pounds and I have only 30 more to go in order to reach my ideal weight!


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My husband makes a lot of funny comments about me that he’s afraid that I may become a model and I might leave him, which I think is very sweet of him!


The truth is that I feel more confident, at least 10 years younger and for sure, way healthier than I was when I started!


I am now on the advanced program, which is for the 3rd month. The workouts are a little bit more advanced, but shorter, so I do a workout every day now!


I also got their Fat Loss Desserts cookbook, and my husband who has a sweet tooth, just loves the way I treat him.


He’s really happy that he can eat cheesecake and brownies daily now!


I am losing around 0.8 pounds a day now because I am drinking 6 cups of their new metabolism boosting drink each day.


In the first 2 months I was only drinking a cup right before doing the workouts, but now, with 6 cups a day, things got so much easier as I am even more energized. 


And when I think that the Slim Over 55 program was only $7, I almost start to laugh!


It’s been the best investment in my health I have ever done!


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I love this program and I really think you’ll love it as well!


— Marsha”